Purchasing equipment from Ltd «РМП Биоэнергия» our customers receive not only high-quality machines but also reliable servicing which plays an equally important role in the successful and uninterrupted production operation.


For the servicing of more than 80 of equipment pieces installed in the Ukraine and «РМП Биоэнергия» Company has formed a strong service team.

For ensuring that our partners avoided financial losses due to downtime equipment, we have provided:

  • the 24-hour telephone support;
  • spare parts warehouse in Lvov;
  • specialist on-site visit during the 24 hours.

Equipment assambly and introduction into service

Qualitative equipment assembly and its introduction into service are the uninterrupted operation guarantee and the equipment finishing costs reduction at a later time.

For the correct equipment assembly ensuring, optimal operational settings and detailed training of operators to be the equipment introduction into service is conducted by «РМП Биоэнергия» specialists. In most cases the equipment warranty period starts from the moment of its accepting by the customer after the applied launch and the operator's training course.

Spare parts supply

Prompt supply of spare and quick-wear parts is as a rule carried out to the customer door from a warehouse in Lvov or if it is necessary from a manufacturer warehouse in Germany.

Material testing