Semiautomatic line with conveyor feed


The line is designed for manually wrapping of the pre-bunched by the operator 12 rectangular briquettes and includes the following steps:

  • winding of the formed briquettes bunch in shrink film
  • the packaging passsing through a thermotunnel and a cooling station
  • the finished packaging return to the operator
Компактные ленточные сушилки

Benefits and advantages

  • Packaging vendibility improving and briquettes friability reducing during transportation and transshipment
  • Significant manual labor share reduction and correspondingly to this labor costs reduction per packaging
  • The modular line design allows by request to change its configuration, and also subsequently add new functional parts: briquettes selection from the press and their transportation to the operator, the finished packaging transportation to the pallet packaging place and and the winding station of finished pallet with stretch film.